cheapest phone plans with unlimited everything no contract cell phone plans usa


This is the cheapest phone plans with unlimited everything in USA

INTRODUCING ROK Super Plan – LOW-cost mobile with 9 amazing Lifestyle Perks. No other company offers these services altogether. Same Phone – Same Number – Same Carrier – LESS MONEY! All for only $49 with NO contract.

Included with their ROK mobile Unlimited TALK TEXT and DATA plan they have:

  • Roadside Assistance for you and your family
  • 24/7/365 Telemedicinebest cell phone plans
  • Pharmacy Savings up to 75%
  • Legal Services,
  • $1M ID Theft Protection,
  • $100,000 in Accidental Death Insurance
  • Up to $20,000 in Burial Insurance
  • $100 every month in Shopping and Dining Rewards
  • 500 International Calling Minutes

cheapest phone plans with unlimited everything

Keep Your Carrier
If you are with one of the three largest carriers in the US, and you’re happy, please know you can still join ROK Mobile without changing carriers. This is because ROK Mobile maintains wholesale agreements with three of the four largest carrier networks in the US.

Just Pay Less!
ROK has wholesale deals with three of the four largest networks in the US. This means that we can pass the savings straight on to you! Imagine using your own phone, using the network you like, and you just pay less. With ROK Mobile, you can. Start saving money on your mobile phone bill

cheapest phone plans with unlimited everything



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Available only in united states (USA )


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