Electric toothbrush subscription service-Affordable rechargeable electric toothbrush in USA


The best affordable rechargeable electric toothbrush subscription service in the USA

What am I getting in one, two, three years with The Dollar Brush subscription?

  • Year 1: To start, you’ll receive The Dollar Brush Kit that includes the electric toothbrush and two brush heads AND an additional two brush heads at the 6-month mark.
  • Year 2: Two brush heads every 6 months. 
  • Year 3: If you choose to continue with your subscription, you’ll receive our latest Dollar Brush Kit and the entire process renews. electric toothbrush subscription

Why do you send a free Dollar Brush Kit every two years?
Sonic technology is constantly changing (measured by VPM – vibrations per minute). We believe effective oral care should reflect these advances and be adopted by you, our customers!

What features can I expect from your electric toothbrush subscription?
Our electric toothbrushes adopt the most advanced sonic care technology to provide you with a clean brush each day. You’ll find: 

  • Dupont Bristles that are soft on gums and tough on plaque
  • 31,000 vibrations per minute to remove to effectively remove plaque
  • Long lasting battery (60 days with one charge) the best battery toothbrush
  • Waterproof
  • 2-minute auto-timer with 30-second interval reminders to switch brushing areas

How much will I be spending per year on The Dollar Brush subscription?
With our plan, you’ll be spending $36 a year with a one time $9.99 shipping cost in the beginning. That’s up to 80% less than the average consumer makes it the best inexpensive electric toothbrush.

Are there any extra fees for this Electric toothbrush subscription?
There are no extra fees. You will be charged $2.99 a month. That’s it.

Why is this Electric toothbrush subscription so affordable?
We cut the frills, fancy features and traditional retail markups. You’re left with a simple yet powerful electric toothbrush designed by dentists.

When can I expect to be billed for my subscription?
You will be billed $2.99 per month when you sign up. 

What forms of payment can I use? rechargeable electric toothbrush
We accept credit cards and Apple Pay. 

Where does The Dollar Brush ship?
The Dollar Brush subscriptions and products currently ship to the United States.

How much is shipping?
With subscriptions, there is a one time charge of $9.99 when you first subscribe. Beyond that, there is no shipping charge. 

I just placed an order! When will it ship?
Your order will ship within 2-3 weeks. We are working on improving our shipping and logistics. Please note that this is only temporary for any new subscribers.

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